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About Pensive

A knock on the door and I found a huge parcel had made its way into my home in mid-March 2020. With a mixture of eagerness and impatience, I opened the package to find a copy of Sunday New York Times. My friend has done me the biggest favour anyone can ever do! It transported me back to my days in England when I used to wait for Sunday only to buy the copy of Sunday Times, Daily Mail on Sunday, and Sunday Telegraph. These newspapers are exemplary in a way that they cater to everyone’s literary choices. Be it travel, food, arts, architecture, gardening, films, books, sports and even theatre. One copy of this newspaper used to suffice me or for that matter anyone for an entire week!  


During the frustrating Covid pandemic the restless reader in me, did not allow me to sit still and I floated the idea of starting a magazine with multiple genres to my wife Devyani. It was Devyani who suggested that I should float this idea to my partner in literary crime; Shruti. An avid reader of various genres herself, she immediately loved this idea. Instead of sulking at home, we started the long brainstorming sessions. 


It took us a month to come up with a name for this venture and a further couple of months to finalise all the genres that we would be including in this magazine. The stumbling block here was lack of funds. A magazine production as you know requires a lot of monetary backing. But, inspired by the new normal; we decided to make it an e-magazine. This way we thought we would be able to reach people across the globe at just a ‘click of a button’. 


Coincidently, Shruti and Priya used to have these long lockdown walking sessions where they both started to discuss this idea further. As a result of these walking-talking sessions, and Priya liked the idea with the exact same enthusiasm and excitement as we felt, it was inevitable that she hopped on board with us!


The creative acumen of all four of us started working in a determined way. We began discussing with people about what fascinates them all. It was not a deliberate effort, but due to our interactions with people around the globe for the past many years, we slowly reached the conclusion that whatever the choice maybe we all like to read quality stuff with his/her choice! 


In this e-Magazine, we are coming up with articles on various genres like: Films, Travel, Books, Food & Beverage, Arts, Architecture, Wildlife & Nature, Sports, Short Stories, Poems and Technology on one single platter! We agreed upon not including religion & politics.


Team Pensive is quite sure that you would love this idea of ours. It has all the elements and content to keep you engrossed for a long time. We hope that your support, your contribution, and encouragement will be a constant inspiration to this venture of ours. This magazine is as good as yours and we would love it if you can spread the word about it in your circle as well! 


We hope you enjoy our eMagazine as much as we enjoy curating each and every edition. We are confident that these articles will resonate with you as much as they did with us. 

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